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More reviews of Elva Branson-Lee, Best Atlanta Short Sales:

“Thanks again for all your help getting my property sold. It has been an extensive process but it was all worth it. You definitely played a key role in assisting in the short sale process; and thanks to you, it has been successful!”                                           Willie M., Stamford, CT 


"Since I met Elva Branson-Lee and contracted her as my realtor in charge of negotiating the sale of my property, I was very pleasantly surprised at her knowledge of her job, performance, work ethics and professionalism. I have tried several other realtors but she was the most outstanding of them all. I was impressed with the timeliness in which she handled my case, thus safeguarding my home from foreclosure. This has saved my credit and secured the future of myself and family. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking such service. Thank you again for being so respectful and for your excellent customer service; this will stand out in my memory. Thanks once again, Elva on behalf of the Ramoodit family.”                               Candesi & Lawrence R., Locust Grove, GA

“What a ride....and what a relief to have the short sale close. Thanks again, Elva. We couldn't have done it without you.” - Anne & James B., Stone Mountain

“Elva Branson Lee was the consummate assistant and professional in helping us purchase an affordable townhouse for our daughter to live in while attending college in Atlanta. Since we live in another state, I relied heavily on Elva in finding and showing my daughter properties, that were safe, affordable, and close to her school. Elva was always available to respond to our questions, and went beyond the call of duty in assuring that we received the best value on our money in purchasing a property that was in bank foreclosure. As a result of her devoted assistance, we were able to reduce housing cost by 50% (half of on-campus housing costs). To other parents of college students struggling with the high fees for tuition and for campus living, I recommend that if you can afford it and are able to, that you consider purchasing a property for your child(ren). Not only will you reduce your costs for housing, but you will also provide them an investment which will increase in value as the housing market rebounds. I also encourage you to call on Elva Branson-Lee to help you navigate the housing waters. Thanks again Elva!"                                       Betty Inge, Frederick

“It's been a long haul, Elva, but you never gave up on us, even through all the offers that didn't happen... Now your perseverance has paid off. This property is perfect, just what we had in mind when we started this journey all those weeks ago. And it's finally ours. Thanks, again.” - Alice & Earnest S., Riverdale, GA

“Elva, thank you so much for helping us find our Ellenwood home. It's been my lifelong dream to own a home and have my children around me, and now it is finally coming true. We really appreciate you. Now we can't wait until the school year ends and we can relocate to our brand new home!” - Hilda L., Ellenwood, GA

“Elva, I really do appreciate all you have done and are doing for me in the sale of my properties.” - Cheryl W., Atlanta